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Press release: Cisco, Kaspersky and LED TVs in Q3-2011 outstanding in the online channel, expanding by 58%.
Press release: Cisco, Kaspersky and LED TVs in Q3-2011 outstanding in the online channel, expanding by 58%.

Cisco, Kaspersky and LED TVs in Q3-2011 outstanding in the online channel, expanding by 58%.

www.icecat.biz, October 7, 2011: The online channel expanded 58% in Q3-2011 year-on-year. Cisco surprises by entering the top 10, although Kaspersky is the fastest growing channel brand. LED-TVs, dominated by Samsung, is the fastest-growing category, challenging traditional TV technologies. APC, CA and AMD are struggling in the online channel.
"The continued double digit expansion of the online channel", analyses Martijn Hoogeveen, ceo of Icecat, "represents a long cycle in the economy. Recession or no recession, the online channel has continued to expand dramatically for more than ten years. It's logical that manufacturers continue to shift budgets and resources from traditional to online media."

Online channel expanded in Q3-2011 with 58%
The online channel, as measured by Icecat, has expanded in Q3-2011 by 58% year-on-year in terms of Data-sheet Downloads (DDs) via 16,695 online channel partners. The growth of the online channel has further accelerated as compared to Q2-2011, which implies that the online channel continues to be insensitive to widespread double dip recession worries. The number of connected channel partners has grown by36%. These partners were downloading more than 414 million data-sheets in Q3-2011, and are expected to download around 1.5 billion data-sheets during the whole of 2011. This roughly corresponds to 15 billion data-sheet views via the websites of connected online channel partners in some 61 different countries.
The number of brands monitored, has expanded year-on-year at a steady rate of58% to 4714 and the numbers of monitored sub-categories has increased by 13% to 1160 in the sectors IT, Telecom,
Consumer Electronics and Office Supplies. It implies that the long tail of brands active in the online channel has increased at a similar pace as the online channel.

Top 10 overall: HP leads, IBM disappoints while Cisco surprises
In the brands top 10, HP and Lenovo maintain the number1 and 2 positions respectively, as in the previous quarters this year. Relatively, the download share of HP has eroded further, which is a long term trend, to a still magnificent 22% of the total number of data-sheet downloads in the online channel. The Asian competition - Lenovo, Samsung, Acer and Asus - is gradually catching up. IBM disappeared from the top 10 while Cisco (+122%) takes a big leap to 10th place, from 17th one year earlier.

Kaspersky, Trend Micro and A-data fastest growing brands in Q3-2011
If we look at the 20 fast-growing brands in the top 100, Kaspersky (+392%), Trend Micro (+352%), A-data (+340%) and Gigabyte (+306%) are the fast-growth champions of Q3-2011, compared to the same period one year earlier.
Other steady growers, and fast-growth brands in the previous quarters of this year, are StarTech.com (+177%), Verbatim (+177%), Fellowes (+217%), and DELL (+142%). DELL continues its channel expansion and established a top 30 position. If DELL is able to continue to grow, next year it will reach the top 20 and become a serious challenger of top computers brands that sell indirect.

And the shakers are... APC, CA and AMD
If there are movers, there are also shakers. Major brands that fell out of the top 100 and saw a decline in online popularity, the true shakers, are CA (-24%) and AMD (-15%). These brands are under serious pressure in both the online and the traditional channels. The biggest dive, however, was taken by APC (-40%), because of strong competition in the area of Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSs) from HP, Eaton and Trust. If APC is not able to turn the tide quickly, it will certainly drop out of the top 100 next year.

Top 10 categories: Notebooks lead, servers drop
In the top 10 categories little is changing. Notebooks are still by far the most important category in the online channel. Followed by PCs and warranty/support upgrades. Servers drop out of the top ten, probably because of stagnating demand. Digital cameras enter the top 10.

LED TVs and Computer TV tuners challenge the TV industry
The fastest expanding category is that of LED TVs (+397%), clearly starting to replace older TV technologies. Older TV technologies are also under fire from the computer arena: Computer TV tuners (+101%) are quickly on the rise.
Thanks to an acceleration, Tablet PCs (+247%) are finally outpacing Netbooks (+121%), which still can not be excluded as the challenger of Notebooks (+65%) and PCs (+74%).
The continued increase of white-goods like cookers & ovens (+135%) and refrigerators (+124%) point at a long-term shift: the CE channel moving online.

Fast-growth category LED TVs dominated by Samsung
The fast-growth category LED TVs is dominated in the online channel by a mix of IT and CE players: Samsung, LG, Philips, LG and Toshiba the big four who together count for 90% of the market. The last 10% of the market is shared by 35 other brands including Sony-fame. It's understandable that such a competitive environment makes players like Philips consider an exit.

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